Package net.sf.molae.pipe.filter

This package contains classes around the filtering iterator.


Interface Summary
TypedPredicate<T> Defines a predicate that is only implemented for a specific class.

Class Summary
ContainmentFilter Checks for containment in a collection.
FilteredCollection<E> Implements a collection that contains all elements of a base collection that match a filter condition.
FilterIterator<E> Provides an Iterator that returns only the items that fulfil a specific condition.
HeadIterator<E> Returns all elements of the base iterator while the elements fulfil a specific condition.
KeyFilter<K> Applies the given filter to the key of map entries.
KeyFilteredMap<K,V> Implements a map that contains all entries of a base map of which the key matches a filter condition.
Not<T> The negation of the base predicate.
PredicateProxy<B extends TypedPredicate<? super T>,T> A proxy of a predicate.
TransformedFilter<S,T> Calls a transformer before calling the predicate.

Package net.sf.molae.pipe.filter Description

This package contains classes around the filtering iterator.