Package net.sf.molae.pipe.cube

This package contains cartesian set implementations.


Interface Summary
Cube<E,T> A hypercube.

Class Summary
AbstractCube<E,T> Skeleton implementation of the cube interface.
CartesianCollection<E> The cartesian product of collections.
CubeAsMap<E,T> A Map implementation based on a cube.
CubeProxy<E,T> A proxy of an underlying cube.
LexicographicalIterator<E> Provides a lexicographical iteration of a cartesian product of sets.
MapBasedCube<E,T> Map based cube.
MapTree<E,T> A tree with named edges.
ProjectionTransformer<E> Removes the object at a given index.
TableModelAsCube TableModel based cube.
UnmodifiableMaker Contains transformers that provide the unmodifiable wrapper of a collection or a map.
VaryingCube<E,T> Parent class for cube implementations where the dimension (the number of edges) can vary.

Package net.sf.molae.pipe.cube Description

This package contains cartesian set implementations.