Class ConstantBinaryFunction<S,T extends S>

  extended by net.sf.molae.pipe.binop.AbstractBinaryFunction<S,S,T>
      extended by net.sf.molae.pipe.binop.SymmetricBinaryFunction<S,T>
          extended by net.sf.molae.pipe.binop.ConstantBinaryFunction<S,T>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ConstantBinaryFunction<S,T extends S>
extends SymmetricBinaryFunction<S,T>

A binary operation that returns a constant ingnoring the arguments.

Constructor Summary
ConstantBinaryFunction(T constant)
          Constructs a ConstantBinaryFunction object.
Method Summary
 T compute(S arg1, S arg2)
          Performs a computation on the specified arguments and returns the result of that computation.
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Constructor Detail


public ConstantBinaryFunction(T constant)
Constructs a ConstantBinaryFunction object.

constant - the constant value that is the result of this function.
Method Detail


public T compute(S arg1,
                 S arg2)
Description copied from interface: BinaryFunction
Performs a computation on the specified arguments and returns the result of that computation.

Specified by:
compute in interface BinaryFunction<S,S,T extends S>
Specified by:
compute in class AbstractBinaryFunction<S,S,T extends S>
arg1 - the first argument
arg2 - the second argument
the result of the computation