Class ImmutableMapEntry<K,V>

  extended by net.sf.molae.pipe.basic.AbstractMapEntry<K,V>
      extended by net.sf.molae.pipe.basic.ImmutableMapEntry<K,V>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ImmutableMapEntry<K,V>
extends AbstractMapEntry<K,V>

An immutable bean with two properties: key(inherited from AbstractMapEntry) and value. In contrast to DefaultMapEntry the value is unmodifiable. Intended for implementation of immutable maps.

Constructor Summary
ImmutableMapEntry(K key, V value)
          Constructs an ImmutableMapEntry object.
Method Summary
 V getValue()
          Returns the value of the value property.
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Constructor Detail


public ImmutableMapEntry(K key,
                         V value)
Constructs an ImmutableMapEntry object.

key - the key corresponding to this entry.
value - the value corresponding to this entry.
Method Detail


public V getValue()
Returns the value of the value property.

Specified by:
getValue in interface Map.Entry<K,V>
Specified by:
getValue in class AbstractMapEntry<K,V>
the value of the value property